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19 Icons

So I've been inspired lately. I was planning on making more, but not for now. I'll just make more later. Narnia is the best movie ever now. It's definitely made it as one of my favorites of all time. I've seen it 3 times already... Anyways. Here's a little batch of icons for you.
-Comment and credit me, espalier.
-Resources:  dearest, illuxtris, kyrielfalafel.
[19 icons total]
-2 William Moseley
-12 Narnia
-3 Harry Potter
-2 Garret Hedlund

William Moseley
01. 02.

Garret Hedlund
03. 04.

Harry Potter
05. 06. 07.

The Chronicles of Narnia
08. 09. 10. 11.
12.  13.  14.  15. 
16. 17. 18.  19.

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NGUH. Those are pretty. :D I love the colors in all of 'em.
Thanks, darling...<3 It means alot coming from yeh, for sure.
these are amazing! I'm taking #2
Thanks much! <33
I took 09, 13 and 19.

Great work.

Yay. Thanks!
Beautiful, beautiful layout - thanks for cleaning it up. =) And lovely icons! I want to steal a few Narnia ones, but I still have yet to see it!
<3 Thanks, Jess.
Oh...the colors are messed up on
Finally saw Narnia - stealing 13. =D Thomas is the coolest.
<3 I like him too.
Ohmigosh, is it Tumnus? x__x [feels stupid] That's what I get for not reading the book.
It's okay though. <3
Beautiful! Am taking a couple. I'll credit to the fullest, of course. ^__^ Thanks, love!
Thanks much! I'm glad you like.
Saved a bunch of Narnia ones -- will credit when I use :-D
Good-o! <3 Enjoy.
okay. um. taking #5, 9, 14 and 16. These are really nice. :) (♥ #14 like WHOA.) Shall credit!
<3 Thanks
very pretty- yoinking 19 thanks!